The Most Outlandish Things You Can Do In Las Vegas

We’re sure you know the old saying “What Happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.” So why not use your Sin City vacation to experience something out of the ordinary? From joining the Mile High Club legally, to racing exotic cars, Las Vegas has no shortage of outlandish activities to keep you on your toes, and Social Crowd Media has your access to all of them!

Race an Exotic Car

Where: Exotics Racing 

Love an adrenaline rush? Vegas is the perfect place to get in touch with your wild side. Along with a one-on-one coaching from an experienced race-car driver, you’ll get the chance to race your selection from an exotic fleet of supercars! Whether you’re into Ferraris, Audis, or McLarens, Exotics Racing has no shortage of beautiful cars to geek out over. Let out your inner speed demon, and feel the horsepower of the world’s sexiest race-cars.

Sky Jump 

Where: Stratosphere

Stratosphere describes SkyJump as a “heart-pounding, scream-inducing, open-air leap” from 855 feet above the Strip, where your speed can reach up to 40 mph. This one is perfect for adrenaline junkies, and not to worry — you’ll land on a soft landing pad after your terrifying fall, and definitely deserve a hard drink afterwards. So if Vegas brings out the daredevil in you, be sure to sign up for the most extreme adventure of your life!

Join the Mile High Club

Where: Love Cloud

Have you and your lover ever dreamed of joining the Mile High Club? Now you (legally) can, by chartering a romantic flight above Las Vegas. Love Cloud provides several packages, and makes your experience extra cozy with a lush bed, wireless sound system, and champagne & strawberries. Choose your experience and fly high above the law! You’ll even get a certificate afterwards, to bring home as a souvenir. 

Drive Bulldozers & Excavators

Where: Dig This 

Who knew that Vegas was home to “the World’s Heavy Equipment Playground!?” Feel the power of bulldozing your way through piles of dirt and digging gigantic trenches, among other activities — and you can even plan Group Digs with your friends! At Dig This, you can take turns digging, pushing, and lifting your way to fun with some of America’s most powerful heavy-duty machines. So put on your headphones and protective gear, and get ready to dig!

Shoot an MG42 

Where: The Range 702

Wanna feel the rush of shooting a WWII era weapon that fires up to 15,000 rounds per minute? Look no further, cause The Range has an exciting shooting experience waiting for you. This astonishing weapon fires 12,000 to 15,000 rounds per minute, making it a “powerhouse on the battlefield.” You’ll be accompanied by a safety officer who will teach you everything you need to know to operate this stunning piece of machinery, as you unleash 50 rounds on the range. Must have valid ID and be completely sober to participate.

Insanity & X-Scream 

Where: Stratosphere 

Does your trip to Sin City have you feeling especially daring? Are you fearless in the wake of extreme heights? We’ve got the ride for you. Stratosphere describes the X-Scream as a “giant teeter-totter,” 866 feet above the legendary Vegas Strip. Screaming yet? In this futuristic space age ride, you’ll dangle weightlessly over the edge of the Stratosphere Hotel.Get ready for an unforgettable ride! 

Drifting Ride-Along 

Where: Exotics Racing

Looking for the ride of your life? Exotics Racing has you covered, with the opportunity to ride-along with a professional drifter for the “full-speed drifting experience.” Onboard the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, you’ll see what it’s like to drive with a true expert, as they show off what this supercar can do a race track. A thrilling ride for adrenaline junkies, the Drifting Ride-Along is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

A Destruction Experience 

Where: Wreck Room

Ever been so angry that you fantasize about smashing things? Now there’s a place in Sin City where you can safely destroy anything from TV sets to glass bottles: The Wreck Room. Covered in protective gear, you’ll be able to let out your aggression, have some outlandish fun with friends, and leave the clean up to the professionals. Feel the satisfaction of wrecking household items without any consequence or clean up. You can book group wrecks with your friends, and choose from an array of destruction experiences!


Dine in the Dark

Where: BLACKOUT: Dining In The Dark

Have you ever eaten a meal out in complete darkness? We didn’t think so. Take your friends or lover on a “unique sensory journey:” dining in complete darkness! The benefits? Your other senses — hearing, taste, touch, smell — are heightened, and what might’ve been a normal, delicious dinner becomes a complete adventure! You’ll never forget your outlandish pitch black dining experience in Las Vegas. 

Crush a Car with a Tank 

Where: Battlefield Vegas

Ever dreamed of crushing a car with a tank like the hero of your favorite action movie? Now you can, using an authentic military-grade tank, at Battlefield Las Vegas. This tank has been used both in service in the British Army and in famous Hollywood movies, and you’ll learn from the experts exactly how to operate it to make sure you “send another car to the automobile graveyard.” Feel the power, and impress your most badass friends. 

Shoot a Machine Gun from a Helicopter 

Where: Gunship Helicopter

Here’s one for the bucket list: the adrenaline rush of aiming & shooting an automatic machine gun from a helicopter. Flying over a 71-acre private shooting range in the Mojave Desert, you’ll get the opportunity to shoot reactionary steel targets, tanks, and even zombies! Before you board the A-Star 350 B2, you’ll get a pre-flight mission briefing and ground simulation, to get you prepared for the ultimate machine gun shooting experience Las Vegas has to offer. 

Puppetry of the Penis

Where: Erotic Heritage Museum 

Yup, it’s as crazy as the name sounds. Only in Vegas can you experience the world’s first “genital origami,” as this outrageous, record-breaking show will have you laughing all night long. Featuring two Australian performers with a knack for contorting their private parts into “mind-bending positions,” Puppetry of the Penis is known as one of the most hilarious live shows Vegas has to offer. If you’re feeling extra outlandish, don’t miss it while you’re in town!

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